June 6, 2015

My TripAdvisor Review No.96: Kovalam Beach, Trivandrum, Kerala.

“Beautiful but commercialised.”
3 of 5 stars Reviewed 5 June 2015 NEW

Kovalam is a well known beach town located about 16 km from Kerala's capital city, Trivandrum. We hired a cab to drive down to the beach as part of the sight seeing trip around Trivandrum.

The 17 km long crescent shaped beach is actually broken up into 3 parts by rocky outcroppings. These 3 parts are called 1) Lighthouse Beach, 2) Hawah Beach and 3) Samudra Beach. All along the shoreline is fringed with beautiful cocont trees.

Our cab driver took us to the central Hawah Beach which is somewhat more crowded, and full of restaurants, hotels and water sports activities. We could see the Vizhinjam Lighthouse from here, but the Samudra Beach in the north was not visible. There is a different route to the Samudra Beach and all the 5 star resorts of Kovalam are located on this side. So Samudra Beach is more like a private beach.

Compared to the beaches of Goa and Maharashtra I would say Kovalam Beach is average, since it has been so commercialised. Maybe if we had come here in the evening and witnessed a sunset I might have rated it higher on the beauty scale.

Visited November 2014
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