April 29, 2016

My TripAdvisor Review No.178: Sasivekalu Ganesha, Hampi.

“Ganesha Idol Shaped Like a Mustard Seed.”
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This is second largest monolithic stone statue of Ganesha in Hampi. It is about 8 feet tall and is called Sasivekalu because of its resemblance in shape to a mustard seed. The statue is seated in half lotus posture.

There is an interesting story regarding this Ganesha idol. Lord Ganesha is well known for being a greedy eater. One day he ate so much that his tummy almost burst. So he caught hold of a snake and tied it round his tummy to stop it bursting. You can see the stone snake coiled around his belly. He has four arms in one of which he his holding his broken tusk.

This idol is located at the southern foothill of the Hemakuta hill.
Visited January 2016
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