March 1, 2016

My TripAdvisor Review No.163: Group of Monuments at Hampi, Karnataka, India.

“An Ancient City from another World.”
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Hampi is an amazing city from another world...from a bygone era. It is fascinating and awe inspiring even in its ruined state.

There are more than 500 ancient monuments and buildings dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. Some temples are even older than this. There are beautiful temples, ruined palaces, ancient market places, royal pavilions and treasury buildings. Each monument has intricate carvings and unique architecture. One can spend days and even months exploring the intricate details of these monuments, which are spread out among the giant boulders of granite.

The meandering Tungabhadra River in the midst of this makes the land very fertile. You will see green fields, amongst coconut and mango trees, being tended to by the local farmers who still occupy this rich land. The most ancient Virupaksha Temple is still a live temple where Lord Shiva is worshipped by the Hindus.

One should spend at least a couple of days at Hampi, if not more, to get a real ‘Out of this World’ experience. It is a paradise for art, history and nature lovers.
Visited January 2016
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